Would you like to buy the car of your dreams at B2? In that case, you will be able to benefit from attractive financing. Our expert team will look for solutions and services tailored to your specific financing needs. You can choose between various options: B2 Finance, rental contract, leasing purchase, and financial leasing.


A B2 Finance* proposal is a very transparent formula: standard 5-year guarantee and an all-in-one offer without any additional costs that you did not expect:
  • 1 fixed, low monthly instalment,
  • no unexpected additional costs,
  • a complete car in top condition.
*Offre soumise à des conditions.


Do you like to know what to expect financially and do you hate administrative hassle? In that case, a rental contract with a fixed monthly rent and without termination risk (subject to kilometres driven and condition) is the thing for you. This simple financing package will always give you peace of mind.


With a leasing purchase you can enjoy all benefits of a hire purchase, but you have the flexibility to postpone payment of a large sum (balloon). This postponed lump sum may reduce your monthly payment or shorten the duration of your contract.


Financial leasing combines several advantages of a rental contract and a leasing purchase. Because this is a rental product, you will pay VAT on the rent and enhance your cashflow as a result. But unlike a rental contract, financial leasing offers flexibility if you would like to keep your vehicle when your contract ends (we will charge a small annual fee for this service). Once all payments have been made, you can resell the vehicle and 100% of the proceeds of the sale will be yours (paid as a discount on the rent).

Please note: it costs money to borrow money.


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